Can you rate "burn it down"?

havn’t you heard “burn it down yet” ?? here you go :slight_smile:
don’t forget to rate the song out of 10
i give it 10 because it’s really awesome

Probably a 9 out of 10, its a great song


i really like it… but i think the song needs more guitars on it, and less electronics :S

My opinion!

It deserves a 10!! Its a great song!! [biggrin]

I’ll give it an 8,5. If it wasn’t for the rapping it would be just another song. The rapping makes it stand out a little bit more in my opinion.

8 of 10. But it’s still AMAZING song!

I’ll give it 9/10

10 out of 10, I really love it!


8/10 because it’s good, but i thought it will be more old LP style.

10 out of 10. I really love this song! :slight_smile:


I dunno it just doesn’t catch my attention as much as other Singles that were released. Its a nice song but, I guess it doesn’t “Cure the Itch”


Let say, 8, I really love burn it down, and i can’t stop lesting at it but I agree with the thing of more guitars less electronic.

he where is scream… i miss it

nine sound and i listen many time more and more but i hope more scream pleas…
from 1 to 10 i give 7 for your sound mike !!! dude nice


I love this track!!! Would have added a tiny little more guitar in it (keeping the electronic feel though!!), but i love it! can’t wait to hear it live!

I give it a 8.5 cause it’s so awesome it’s completly different to the other songs but I expected more guitar in it so it loses 1 1/2 points



a little more guitars and would be 10!!!