Can we DM a user?


Hi everyone!
This might be a dumb question but is there a way to send a DM (Direct Messege) to a specific user? I know it’s possible to do this on the LP app, but the LP app won’t let me sign in :expressionless::slightly_frowning_face:. Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:


For this kind of questions we already have some topics about it. Use the searcher

@derek or @jFar920, merged?

The reply is: no. Actually there is not way to DM someone here. I guess years ago it was possible, but with the laughter of LPU13 that option was removed.


I think you mean launch. :joy:


That thing jaja I haven’t slept since yesterday. I’m reading 6 books of Maths.

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Ok, thanks for all your help! Sorry the question had already been asked! :sweat_smile:
Have a great day, Soldiers! :facepunch:


I’m assuming you do not have this option?


The simple answer is no, that is not possible.

There was a time, though.


Is that on the desktop version of this site? I usually use the Forum on my mobile device. Thanks for all your help! :smiley::+1:


He’s a mod so has special superhero powers :heart_eyes: :grin:


I wish all users would have the DM function!

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Late, but yes, only moderators can message people on the forum. Not quite sure why it’s still like that, I assume it was before because there was a messaging system on the main website, but with it gone, it really should be added back