Can i stream the tribute concert live?

How will i be able to watch the tribute concert, i live in the UK and really wanted to see it but didnt have the money for flights and accomodation, i would be happy to pay the ticket price and watch on the internet.


There’s still no answer. I’m hoping for a livestream as well


Ditto. I was late on getting the Tickets so I hope it’s Live Streamed on FB.

It would be awesome if they live streamed the tribute. I’m hoping! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive been looking fr a live stream too! Hopefully all of us will get the chance to be with other LP’s fans even if its indirectly :slight_smile:

I asked this on Reddit and someone told me that there had been a response saying it was going to be streamable.

I really hope it’s true - I’m sure they’re aware that a large amount of their fans are just never going to be able to make the journey there. At the very least I hope that they record it in really high quality for us.

I plan to take the day off of work regardless :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping!

Just saw this! :smiley:


2.45am UK time, its going to be a later one but very worthy it, will have to watch it quitely then re-watch it next day with the volume loud haha😊

Do you think the live stream on YouTube will stay up once its finished?
It will be lunch time Saturday in Australia when its streaming but ill be doing a 5hr drive at the time :frowning:

Hello guys!! Does anyone knows if the show will be available to watch just on live stream or it will be available on Youtube to watch on the next day??
I’m asking because, where I live, it will be like 02:00 AM!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it on live… =/

No idea but I’m sure someone will record it and post it on youtube


I really hope they do i would love to continue to watch it. Every day.

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I know Mike or any of the guys in Linkin Park NEVER read our posts here but IF by some miracle they do, I want to say how grateful I am that they will livestream this beautiful tribute tonight. I am 5,000 miles away from Cali but while I watch the tribute, I will be right there with them in heart :heart:, love, and spirit. It can’t be easy for any of them to once again be on stage. But I can make this promise to them that their LP family world wide will be right by their side, walking hand in hand. They are not alone, we are ALL with them. We will laugh, smile, hug :hugs:, cry, and continue to heal with them. I LOVE YOU Linkin Park with all my heart. I want to say I’m so proud to be part of your extended LP family. Now, share with the world tonight the beautiful legacy Chester Bennington has left for us to honor. God bless you.


I was so happy that Mike and the rest of linkin park live stream the show . I hope he know that i appreciate them for doing this. I meant so much to me. I love them so much. It was an amazing honor to chester bennington.