Can anyone tell me about this gif from the website menu?

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Wait what? What website?

I just saw it, the linkin park main page right?
I’m not sure but it’s the same uhh style or font as the designs on the heavy tees
It was added only recently, I was on page yesterday and didn’t see it, can’t remember it being there earlier

Drowning in heartbreak? Idk

It’s on the Linkin Park website menu. It beats. It appears to be a heat/skull partially submerged in water. I see so much symbolism in it. It reminds me of an iceberg. You can only see what is above the surface, and that’s only a small portion.


Chilling :pensive:

I know what I personally take away from this image,and it’s stuck with me all night long since I first saw it around 6pm. I’d love to know more about it and why it was chosen for the menu image.

I’d be curious to know who created it…
it’s uncomfortable yet beautiful at the same time
I can’t imagine Mike doing much right now…

Oh my god it’s so symbolic

My best friend and I want to get it tattooed as a memorial tattoo for Chester, but we want to know it’s origin before we make a hasty decision.

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I found out from another forum that the graphic artist who created the image is Brandon Rike. I sent him a Facebook message. I’ll post any response I get from him!

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That has been there for a while, and likely has nothing to do with Chester

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It was on a shirt too right? Or am I just making false connections??

Possibly, it does look more familiar than just site navigation, I know I’ve seen it elsewhere

Either way It hadn’t caught my full attention but it’s very representative

I doubted that it was directly related to Chester, but it represents so much that I felt it more appropriate than an LP logo for us to get.