I got the flagged signed by at least 200 people, almost everyone that was at the summit, they put it on the stage dead center which was awesome, it was in almost every shot and on the big screen, saw my daughters name on it signed TRINITY, and HOLDEN and a couple others right on the screen, GREAT EVENT, GREAT CONCERT and the FLAG BEING UP THERE WAS JUST A SUPER BONUS… ENJOY SOME SHOTS… Im not a pro but some are really good, Here is a link to the ALBUM of the best shots with flag, concert, summit etc.


love the photos =) thanx for sharing…i had a great time! most amazing experience of my life

Nice seeing you there. I have been to every LP show since 1999 except for the one cancelled show, but I agree, TIME OF MY LIFE. Best concert for sure that they have done in a long time, perfect mix of old and new, plenty of songs, summit was a bonus and a great experience, enjoyed meeting everyone and made some great friends, an experience that will be hard to match ever.

Dude fucking awesome pics! Seeing that flag on stage is absolutely amazing. Yeah Trinity’s and my name were definitely the most noticeable names lol Hers and mine were the first two I recognize when I was front row in the pit and when I saw it on the screen which is pretty badass = ) So awesome of LP to put the flag on stage right in the middle for everybody to see. All that hard work of planning, designing, and ordering the flag for like two months finally paid off = ) When I first brought up the idea in the original Summit thread I would of NEVER of guessed that this would of happened. Fucking amazing stuff.

No way, cant believe we pulled it off with everything else, super got a great design going, I picked up the ball last minute to get it made, and then I actually got them to put it on stage and got all the freaking signatures on it, was so ridiculous, all that love and hard work though LP must have read it, saw it and thought it was perfect to put up for that show, so that just made me feel awesome, and everyone that was a part of it had to feel the same. Yeah I think I got some cool pics in there though too,GREAT SHOW AND TIME NO DOUBT.

I know man. Crazy crazy stuff. This really puts it into prospective.


Photo Credits to Mike (Trinity)
(I know I posted this same post in the thread but its just so amazing that this happened.)

Flag ended up looking sick up on the stage. Had a great time altogether and can’t wait until the next concert or summit to meet up with you guys again!

And I owe Mike a ton for scoring me a free ticket as I was about to get onto the ferry! To whoever gave Mike the ticket, I owe you as well! Never really had an experience with LPU until last week’s show in Bristow and the Summit, but damn are you guys great people.

Hey Cody! I was the one with the extra ticket! There’s nothing more depressing than walking into a show with an unused ticket in your bag, so I was just happy we found someone who needed it! I only wish I’d known you needed the ticket earlier – could have saved you the walk to the ferry! :o)

Thanks to everyone for a really amazing couple days, and extra thanks to Mike for organizing our little crew so well! And that flag looked friggin’ amazing on the stage! Just a great experience all around!

It was great meeting you and a great time. Yeah great to have cody get the ticket since he was such a big part in the flag as well, to miss it going up on stage during the show would have been such a shame. Everything worked out pretty well and we kept everyone alive, safe and had fun even in camden NJ.

Photos were awesome! And so was the summit

My signature is directly under the 2012. the flag looked so sick on stage. thanks everyone who participated in this and the summit. it was one of the best days in my life. and special thanks to Mike (Trinity) for organizing a lot of this amazing trip :smiley:

Great flag, great show, great time! Thanks to everyone who made it so special, especially our Hyatt/Comfort Inn crew!!

Kinga and I had a great time! It was an unbelievable couple of days and a special thanks to those LPUers that also made it awesome!

Mike I want to thank you again for setting all of this up! The experience was much better as a group!

It was an amazing show (despite getting drenched) and the summit and meeting the band was a dream come true.

Can’t wait to do it again next summit!

My signature is right to the left of the “L” in LIVING THINGS! Had an awesome time at the Summit! Got to meet Mike and some other cool people! Sad i couldn’t make the concert as well, but the Summit was fun. Seeing pictures of my signature on a flag on the stage was really cool! Would love to meet a lot of you again or at another Summit/concert!

Great pictures

[cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry] i wanted to go sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaad[cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry][cry] atleast the show was uhmazing[smile][cry][cry]

Still catching up with my rest but this weekend was worth it…

[quote=Angelique716]Still catching up with my rest but this weekend was worth it…

I slept 13 hours from the time I got home Sat. until this morning…

Im still exhausted, DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK, but should be good, just was able to finally talk again my voice was shot from signing with Incubus and linkin park songs lol