Camden NJ show...Summit and Early Entry Question

Granted the people who bought summit tix get early entry and probably front Row…

But what about the fans who got Pit tix and are LP members who get early entry as well?

Do they have a chance to get front row…or are they separating the front area with summit people and Regular club members who didnt get summit tix?

Anyone who has an answer…really want to know…


The one difference about this show is that because it is 200 people attending the summit and probably about 90% of those people will stay for the show, chances are you won’t get as close and you might want to the stage. But yes there will probably be a early entry line just like there was yesterday in Bristow, about 30 minutes before the doors opened to the general public.
The question is, depends what the last activity is and what time it ends. If it ends before the early entry LPUers come in, or if it ends after early entry people come in, I have no idea.
And by the way, not everyone at the summit will have pit, many have seats.