Camden Concert (after LPU Summit)

The Summit was fantastic and the show was… mindblowing.
I want to get the download of the concert, did anyone get the code to redeem it for free?
Thankss guys

I didnt get the code, I paid the 10 bux for it though, but cant download it yet, not showing up, so will probably be a couple days before we can even get it anyways.

I don’t think they are giving away the DSP for free this time around for the shows that you attent since I didn’t hear anything about it. Kinda bummed about it but oh well. I’m still definitely buying it when its made available because the Camden show was just straight up fucking awesome!

Yeah I bought it, hopefully it will be ready by this weekend to actually download, usually 4 or 5 days after, I need this show to rock in my car no doubt.

I think the show from Uncasville that happened on the 12th was released today. So it took them about a little bit more than a week. So the Camden show should be up within the next 5 days hopefully.