Bye: Art from High School

Even though I’ve never met him, I felt like I could talk to him. His high energy compared to his life struggles made me think if he can do it then so can I. He was the best friend I never had. You and Linkin Park were like my first therapist(s).

I just want to say I wish I could give you a hug, talk or listen. You have a big heart. You care a ton. Dont know why it happened, but depression is heavy, and Im so sorry you couldn’t see any other way.


edit: Keeping it simple.


Beautifully said !

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Thanks! Beautiful words for a beautiful man<3

I think I was the last fan to hug him at the Birmingham meet and greet, which is seriously fucking with my mind. I hugged him and I said “you don’t deserve any of the shit people give you” and we shared a joke afterwards. It’s a shame the strength he gave me wasn’t enough to save himself.

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Thankyou for sharing. I dont know what to say. Despite the pain he left you with positive memories. Treasure those and remember him for how kind he was.

Did you write this? This is exactly how I feel.

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Yeah… Words just come out sometimes lol I took the picture too, it’s one of my favorites. I wish I would’ve had my good camera and not just my phone because the sunset was beautiful


That’s amazing! Sunsets are always nice to look at. :grinning: Lol words just rolled out for you, took me a couple edits to get this right.

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To be fair, I write a lot. Most of the stuff I write takes multiple edits but I’m in such a funk right now that things just kinda spill onto the page before I know what’s going on xD

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Lol same! This morning I was like “Omg Christine, fix this”.

A friend actually reminded me that I had this. I felt so uncomfortable, I just wanted this out asap. My head feels less foggy now, hope your’s does too!

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When writing in English, I can take like hours to write several paragraphs of text. That is why @theearlywalker keeps complaining that I reply her too slowly.