Burned us down ! Great!

We have already listened to “Living Things” this afternoon! From the first second, the first tone- we loved it! It’s fascinating to hear that and it blew our minds… “Lost in the echo” and “Castle of glass” are one of my favorites… Thank you LP for this wonderful music.

you are soooo right! this album is a masterpiece! :slight_smile: can’t wait to see them play it live! I’ll be gone is one of my favorites :slight_smile:

The next concert is ours, he?!.. Yeah “I’ll be gone” is awesome,too…Can’t stop listening this album :slight_smile:

On three of the four albums, the eighth track has been my initially favorite song. How is “Roads Untravelled?”

Stefie, beware of hearing it too much!! we doesn’t own the cds so far … :wink: don’t forget ‘Victimized’, which blew my mind :wink: oh, I relalise I have to listen to it again :wink:

Thanks [smile] LP and hearing the music too often ? - There’s no relation ! [biggrin]
Tomorrow’s the day ! I’m excited although I know the songs…
I read some professional critics about the album and found out: These people have no idea !
Living Things is just… wow! [heart]

@ David: “Roads untraveled” is a ballad that goes under the skin…it’s like they were sitting next to you and whispering the song into your ear…and in the end it’s like a firework.
I think this time another song will be your favorite… [wink]

You’re right, it might be impossible :wink: oh, theese “professional critics” should take their blinkers off!! :wink: Even if LP released albums in HT-style, they would moan about it!

ooh, only reading your explanation gives me creeps again!
Again, LP gave me a wonderful birthday present!!! :smiley:
Castle of glass is that awesome!!![smile][cry]

I LOVE castle of glass, I can’t stop listening to it. Also Tinfoil gives me goosebumps :slight_smile:

Same here! Can’t stop Listening to this Album! It’s fantastic
The Sound is Great and the lyrics are amazing!!
Thank you guys for your music!