Brisbane Living Things Meet Up

Here is the Facebook event
And for those who don’t have Facebook

"Hey fellow Brisbanites!

We’re hoping to do something on the 22nd of June (A Friday) to celebrate the release of Living things! It is yet to be planned, as in location and time. We could possibly meet in the city. So bring your friends, the more the merrier. We’ll be hopefully listening to the album in full once or twice.

Are you up for it? What time would you prefer? (Day, Afternoon or a night event) And would you be able to make it to the city?

P.S, Saturday the 23rd is also a good option for many, although it is not the release day, more may be able to come making it more enjoyable. "

I want to decide on the Date in a couple days. Personally id prefer the 23rd.

sounds great. would totes wanna come if i was in bris lol

I’m most definitely interested! Count me in, and either time is good. I finish my uni semester on the 22nd so even more reason for me to celebrate! :smiley:

New Date!

23rd. Around 11am in the city, going to the botanical gardens. taking my laptop and speakers… they get loud, hopefully they won’t blow up :slight_smile:


omg i missed this!!