Bonus track questions

So I was listening to the hybrid theory bonus track high-voltage as well as Metioras Step up bonus track. Only live versions of those songs are included on the albums. But some people have uploaded studio versions to YouTube. Does anybody know how you can go about downloading thous?


Those two songs are on Hybrid Theory EP. I believe you can buy a digital copy of LPU 1 cd in the LPU store. The EP has the songs: Carousel, Technique, Step Up, And One, High Voltage, and Part Of Me.


I think u can download on limewire too.

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So I should just by LPU 1?

I would recommend downloading LPU1. It was their first EP and (personally) an important album in their back catalogue :blush:


I would. I love that cd personally as it was their first. It’s great listening to the bands evolution. I enjoy that cd and do listen to it often

I found a way to listen to it on SoundCloud. I would love to get a download but I would not no how to use it or what software it’s for. What did you download it on?

I’ve downloaded the free songs from the LPU store. It give you a file. I use iTunes so I had to manually find the tracks and upload them in. I personally don’t like the downloads as I’m a physical cd person but getting your hands on a legit copy is difficult. The download is easy once you figure out how to get into whatever music provider you use.

I am also an iTunes person I really like LPU 10 as well as one both or digital downloads can you explain what kind of issues you encountered while installing them on iTunes?

For me it was just a matter of trying to figure out how to get it into iTunes. But it’s no different than if I had music previously on my computer before I owned iTunes and wanted to import those songs into my iTunes library. Once I figured that out it was super easy.

If you don’t know how to add downloaded songs you just go into iTunes, click on file, the click on add file to library. You just search to where your songs were saved on the computer and add them in. Really easy

@wyattbeav You can do this OR you can simply drag the file, in this case lets call it “LPU1 SONGS” and drag the whole folder to your itunes library (where all the albums are listed). And it will do the same thing. This is better if you want to add multiple albums

I just downloaded LPU 1. Thanks so much for the help!


Actually not the very first. They had “Xero” with Mark Wakefild back in 1996. Also this year Mike has uncovered some really old demos of that time

My bad :blush: You’re totally right.

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To this day that is the only thing the band has not released I want so desperately to hear what he sounded like you can hear a song that he recommended called Ground Zero later on in life. What did you mean by Mike uncovering demos, do you know falling out was?


Well, Mike mentioned it on TW that he has found some rarely old stuff a few months back(before C)

Sorry for the typo “demos”

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you can simply try yt downloder