Black and white

Some will stay sketches, one of these will go on to be a full color watercolor painting.

the man looks like a character from a game :smiley: !
as usually brilliant, and the last picture has a part from you, well all your drawing has a part from you, some you made’m maybe when you are happy some when you are sad, Hahaha even some when you are sleepy.
my fav the last one, love pics effected with little tiny bit of wind.
oh i love the princess lips (2nd pic) and the man feet+hair, is he using iphone [biggrin]?
Thanks for sharing.
Waiting for other works ^_^.

lovely work!

Super great stuff! Especially the second one. Post more when you have something new! :slight_smile:

I think the first one has the most character, it’s not something that you see everyday, and that makes it interesting.

my favorite is the second picture :3
i wonder what it would look like if it was colored:D
like maybe with watercolors:D


these are awesome

you are great at wa you do!

[quote=SD B E N N I N G T O N]these are awesome

you are great at wa you do!

D’awwww, thanks alot man!! I really appreciate it!