Birthday under a bit different theme

My name is Shay, I’m from Israel, and I’m celebrating my 22 birthday under a bit different theme.
I’m celebrating it under a theme of a small change, a small change in me that made me look at certain things differently - and I’ll explain this if I may:
I’ve been a fan of the band for over a decade now, but I’ve never had anything to do with the Linkin Park Underground group.
This year I were lucky enough to register to this group, and with that I realized how simple and fun this concept called “a group of people” is.
A group of people who don’t mind where you’re from, as long as they can have a conversation with you - about the daily life, about music and even about what Chester eats before a concert.
The only thing that matters is that you’ll be nice and you’ll be here.
And this is where I would like to thank you all for that.
Unfortunately, I come from a country with a lot of pain and suffering, and without getting into political views - which I don’t like cause I don’t really care for - I can say that sadly I’ve seen enough to understand how cruel mankind can be.
Whether it’s towards nature, towards animals or towards itself. Mankind is something which according to many has become an enemy.
However, it is nice that regardless to what’s happening in the world, you can come to the forum, the chat, anything connected to the LPU - and people won’t mind where you’re from, how old are you and what your religion is - as long as you’re nice.
A month ago I logged in to the chat and suddenly someone changed his nickname to Pepsi, and we just had some laughs about a relationship between Fanta and Pepsi.
Don’t know this guy, have no idea who he is, we just started bonding and laughing. And that’s what shows me how well people can get along and have fun with each other if they just want to.
There’s a reason why Linkin Park did all these concerts and donations for people - cause they also believe that there is still good in this world, and this forum showed me how good and easy it is to just laugh.
Laugh, have fun and be together.
So thank you all very much, to every one of you LPU users
Thank you for being here
and I hope to celebrate my 23 birthday here also, and meet some of you at some M&G this year =]

Thanks guys!

This is an AMAZING text my friend!

You’ll always be welcome on LPU, consider it like your second family!

Everyone will always be nice with you, that’s for sure!

This was really nice and i totally agree with you.
Happy Birthday!!! wishing you a fantastic birthday and many many happy more ones to come [smile]

Post of the YEAR! :slight_smile: Great having you here :smiley: have a fantastic birthday!

really raelly nice text my friend
and as they all say ^^ you are always welcome here, so have fun ^^

Awesome!I totally agree!I was impressed reading your writing!
and Happy Birthday[smile]

Beautifully said! I hope you had a great birthday and many more to come, welcome to the LPU!

Fanta that is the best post yet,you hit the nail on the head.Thank you for yr kind words hope you have an awsome birthday.W:-P

Thank you people =]

That’s really deep man. What you’ve written is beautiful

Nice words! I remember that chat, I was there too, yeah Pepsi + Fanta + Root beer LOL

I like the words you put there, I feel the same way too, I’m also from Israel and I am muslim , hope we will meet someday :slight_smile:

[quote=Fanta][/quote] True that! There is nothing to add [smile].

So true, I totaly agree :slight_smile:

I have great respect for your honesty before hundreds of unknown people and I admire your spirit.
And thank you for taking my thoughts into a different direction. Hope you had a great birthday.