Birmingham, One year ago today

Since the significance of this show I thought I’d start something. This was one of the greatest nights I’ve ever had, my second time seeing the band and I couldn’t wait to do it again!! Sadly we won’t be able to but we can all remember the show here, post your pics and vids. There’s a great video on you tube I’m sure people will have seen with the whole show. No doubt il be watching that today!! I’m sure someone with more know how can share it for those that may have missed it. Thank you lp for this wonderful night!


Great idea :slightly_smiling_face:
Another guy just posted from that show’s meet and greet
@jFar920 @derek maybe merge with the other Birmingham thread from today?

I’m pretty sure you’re referring to this one, (just for future reference you can copy/paste the YouTube link onto here and it will post the video- I did notice the link needs to be isolated for the video window to show up :man_shrugging:)

Thanks for sharing bro!


I was there at the Birmingham show! An awesome experience to have especially for a first concert EVER!

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