Between two Worlds (LPU-style track)


Actually, this is not a cover, but it’s a music which I wrote exactly in the styles of LPU demos.
Video is shot by myself at my working place:)


Hellooooo dear friend!! How’re you doing? hope all fine your side! :smile: :sun_with_face: :hugs:
Nice video and music! Your work must be cool, you see many lovely places… :grinning:

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Really awesome! What equipment did you use to record the music? I record with primitive equipment and I’m kinda uninspired by the result :joy:

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Great job on the music and the video as well!

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Hello, long time no see :smiley: I’ve recently returned home with a whole album, which now is being sent to various labels:)
How about you?)

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Only laptop fitted with FL Studio:) Do you record live instruments?)


Yeah I record with live. I only have a guitar though. Im planning on getting better equipment like a microphone- I’ve been using my laptops microphone :joy:

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You don’t need a mic to record the guitar:) Better focus on external sound card. In such a case you plug in the jack into this card and record directly to the computer. For example, use the same FL Studio with Guitar Rig 5 plug-in, which will work like a guitar processor. Sound will be clear as baby’s tears :smiley:

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Oh cool! Just need to save up for that

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A whole album!? Wow! So you have many “original” tracks!? :open_mouth:
How do you manage to have “clear” sounds without interference on the ship? (Is that a ship right?) :thinking:

Me, I’m fine! Summer’s pretty normal and relaxing… :blush: :smile:

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I write the tracks for more than 6 years already. So yes, I’ve got many:)
It’s a ship:) I just use a computer program and do whatever it can offer to me:)

That’s pretty nice to hear:)

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So without a professional equiment and a studio you’re able to do that! :smile: That’s really nice! :smile:

:blush: Thanks!

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I’m afraid that with professional equipment and studio I’m unable to do this :DDD

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What?why?? You’re really good at playing/singing! I think you can do a lot with your tools… :smile: :muscle:

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I’ve got no skills and knowledge about studio:)

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You can learn since you have knowledge about music,notes, instruments… :wink:

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I almost don’t know anything :smiley:

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What? Howww?! :grin: You can play and record and sing!! To me musical notes are like reading Egypthian…but I think you know that or not??

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That’s what I’m telling to you:) I’ve got no education and cannot read the notes :smiley: I know them only by names and sound:)

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Really?! Wooow! :open_mouth: but you can play and make tracks!! :open_mouth: so with more knowledge I think you can do even better… :smile: :star_struck:

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