Best Opening Act

I’ve been to two LP-concerts so far and I gotta say that I wasn’t too impressed by most of the opening Acts. The best one I’ve seen was Anberlin (by far). They’ve put on a good show and really got the crowd going.
So now I’d like to know if you had “Opening Act-experiences” similar to mine (most of them unfortunately weren’t that great) or if you’ve seen any ‘‘pearls’’ like Anberlin.

11/2/10 - Frankfurt (GER)
6/19/11 - Oberursel, Hessentag (GER)

It wasn’t an opening act because they played at a festival but the concerts of Avenged Sevefold and Queens Of The Stone Age were amazing


When I saw them in Toronto Pendulum opened and they were absolutely incredible!! Perfect band to get you warmed up for a Linkin Park concert!!

I’ve been to 3 LP shows and best opening act was in my 2nd show in 2009. Funeral For A Friend freaking nailed it :smiley: They were amazing!

I’ve been to so many shows it’s hard to remember them all haha. I go mostly to a lot of metal shows and some opening acts that really stick out in my mind as bands that started my night off perfect include: 2 Cents, Clutch, Mutiny Within, and (this last band doesn;t really count because they’re a headliner in their own right) the first time I saw Iron Maiden Dreamtheatre opened for them.

If we’re talking about bands that opened for LP, I’ve got nothing to contribute: I’ve only seen them three times: First at House of Blues, which didn’t have an opening band; and twice on the Honda Civic Tour, which obviously was Incubus and MuteMath.

But if we’re talking generally:

  • I’ve seen Kid Rock as an opening act twice. Once for Aerosmith (2002) and once for Bon Jovi (2010). If you can believe it, I’ve also seen him headline shows, and I think he’s better at opening shows than he is at headlining! Like, he’s great at really pumping up a crowd, but he struggles to keep the energy that high for a full headline set. His opening set for Bon Jovi was one of the most intense live music experiences I’ve ever had. He had pyro, and the crowd was just so wound up that it felt like a riot was going to break out by the time he got to his last song!

  • I saw The Cult and KISS open for Aerosmith in 2003. (Technically, I think KISS was a co-headliner, but at least to the crowd where I saw the show, KISS was the Incubus in that deal and Aerosmith was the LP. In other words, yeah they were “co-headliners,” but let’s not kid ourselves!)

  • I don’t know if anybody here listens to folk music, but I saw Melissa Ferrick open for Ani DiFranco last year. I had no idea who she was when she came on stage, but she was ferocious and raw and I felt like I was watching someone bleed to death on the stage, yet it was somehow one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s the only opening act that I ever felt was actually better than the headliner.

  • And if we want to do the hair band thang (you know you wanna! [mrgreen]), I saw Slaughter open for Poison and Extreme open ZZ Top in the mid-90s; last summer I saw Poison open for Motley Crue; and this summer, I saw Lita Ford and Poison open for Def Leppard! All really pretty fantastic! Hee! [mrgreen]

Pendulum was pretty good