Best day of my life! meet and greet

GUYS! it was the best thing ever happend to me, i went this thursday to mexico citys concert, damn it was amazing , im 16 so i went with all my family, my dad bought the backstage package for me and my sister, as a birthday gift to me, when we arrived, this girl, her friend couldnt make it to the concert and she gave the backstage ticket to my mom, my dad of course gave her some money for the ticket, then i saw lorenzo and he is amazing and really pacient with all of us, my mother would never believe she would have the chance to meet the guys, haha, we met all the staff guys, like eddie, joshua, scoot, JIM THE BOSS, we had the chance to get on the stage, and then the meet and greet started, eventhough it was kind of quickly, damn the few words and conversations i had with the guys, ill never forget it!. Also they signed my guitar, chester called me beautiful and i shaked hands with mike chester and dave. i really wanted a hug and a picture, but the local security threatened if we used our cellphones or we hug them , they will kicked us out, so i was afraid, and only went for a hand shaked, the guys were totally respectul, mike made a little skeleton draw in my guitar and while that i started to sing “WELCOME” and he started to smile and laugh at me , that was the best moment! I pray to god to experiment this experience again soon! and hopefully get that picture i really damn want!


Wow, that is so awesome. Congrats for this wonderful experience and thank you for sharing it :slight_smile: You are so lucky. That guitar is beyond nifty!

thank you for read it!, in these few years , i ve seen that LP is a unique band and im really thankful for being part of this fanbase and know their music

Wow , congrats . You are lucky :smile:

Great experience, you lucky one

Awesome experience :smile:
I have a question…why are they so strict that you can’t even hug them? I mean, I saw people hugging Chester before on m&g.

Well, I recall this story from a musician a few years ago, who got dry-humped by a fan during a meet-n-greet. Maybe they don’t want to allow hugging at these meetings to prevent the sick-n-twisted people out there from assaulting the guys.

i guess it was because some of the people were kind of noisy and to add more, the security of that arena is known to be really stricted and sometimes exaggerated

Actually they explained this to us before we meet them at the meet and greet that they don’t let you hug them because they don’t want the band to get sick since they still have many shows on the tour to do. I hope this helps :slight_smile: …So I just give them a hand shake :slight_smile: They were all very nice

Your so lucky! I bet that was the best day of your life…certainly would be mine :smiley:

Amazing story sounds like you had the time of your life :slight_smile: The closet I have ever gotten to them never a M&G last show I was in mosh pit and during Bleed it Out I knew it was last song so I took my homemade LP sign and got right near the stage so Chester could see it as he walked back and forth, He did and then gave a huge fist pump so I figured he next pass he made to my side of stage I pushed as hard as I could through the others and reached my arm out as far as I could and he nearly fell off the stage reaching out to grab my hand as I yelled Chester Please!!! He did reach my hand and that was so amazing I felt like I was 18 yrs old again LOL I think I was 57 yrs old at that time. I love these guys and thier music and hope I live long enough to actually be able to do a M&G one day.

thats great thank you for sharing i cant believe you started to sing welcome and mike just laughed awesome!