Bernuviel's Linkin Park Artworks

Great job with the message! Love it! I hope Mike gets it! :heart:

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Thank you so much! :blush:
Yeah, it would be awesome if Mike saw it. But he’s so busy and gets a ton of messages every day, so I guess the chance is very slim.
Oh well, it was nice to work on it anyway. He and his amazing album deserve every tribute.


Both the picture and your words were amazing, thank you.

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Beautiful artwork & your letter was wonderful! I’m probably old enough to be your grandmother…LOL…seriously, but I feel so out of place where I live & their songs expressed so much for me as well. I don’t know how LP & Chester manage to do it, but it’s like they’re able to vocalize what so many of us are feeling. That’s one of the reasons that I truly believe that they will be remembered in musical history for many generations to come.

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Thank you @kasey2! :smiley:
Yeah, its amazing how they are able to put feelings into words and music. I absolutely agree with you!
And I’m sure the LP family will make sure their legacy will never be forgotten.