Berlin tickets :))


I’ve got a ticket too…
It’s going to be LEGEN -wait for it- DARY :slight_smile:


im sooooo excited!!! they r finally back in my hometown and then such a great event - the venue is small but awesome been there before.

wooooooohooooooooooooo so happy


Got mine too!


I’ll be there, too ;D


me too !!!


[quote=jimene89][quote=tensh_iie]GOT MINE TOO!!!
But how does this work now? We’re all going to be on a list or?
And what does the “Will call” mean in the mail?

Will call means that the tickets should be available at the box office for you to pick up with your i.d. :smiley:

Also I don’t know about you guys but I think we should meet up together and go in a huge group of LPU’ers since it was one ticket per person.![/quote]

Great idea!!! Count me in! Does anyone know a good meeting place?


I will be there too :stuck_out_tongue: Looking for a guide! :smiley:


I got one two,
than I booked an Hotel and look for a train.
Does anybody came from Hagen/Dortmund?



Can’t wait x))


Got mine too. See u all there! I am so freaking out right now… This already made my month :smiley:


Großartig !.. thought I’m going to die! first time failed and then “sold out”… [confused] 30min. later the tickets were available again… ! Can’t wait to see LP again! Was für’n geiler Tag [biggrin]


got a ticket too! :wink:




me too!


See you all in Berlin! I’m really looking forward to it. It has always been my dream to see LP at a small venue since I missed the concerts during the Hybrid Theory and Meteora era. :slight_smile:


is anyone from Hannover and will going to the show?..we are 2 persons and may someone would like to follow us.



Can’t believe I got one too! I tried for 30 minutes and it always said sold out. When they were available again I really hurried to enter all the info! We weren’t supposed to enter other info than our name right? I’m afraid I missed something^^ but otherwise it wouldn’t have worked out!


Have one!:slight_smile: I was on the Page at 09:30 to get one;)
Can’t wait:) i have to drive 8 hours by train
Someone comes from Saarland?:wink:


3 ticekts went to Slovakia :slight_smile:


And no one will get to Berlin :stuck_out_tongue: