Battle Of The Songs

Long time ago a young man started a small Tourney of all LP songs
Back then there was only 3 albums
The young man has returned to start a new Tournement
Get ready people cause Battle of the Songs is back

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Nice! So, how does this Battle of the songs work? What must one do to join in with this fun thread?

I dunno. This?:

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Heyo, love the video (@samuel_the_leader got a like from me…) but didn´t understand the threat, what must we do to join in @acemasters?

I believe this is similar to your Can you touch your shoulders thread.

Person A gives two LP songs: E.g. One step closer and Guilty all the same

Then person B picks the song they like most out of the two and pits it in against a song of their choosing. So if person B chose OSC they then have to pit it against another song like Crawling. Then it just goes on.

I believe there was a similar thread a year or two ago.

Are y’all talking about this? LP vs. LP

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No clue, I can’t get in :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it, but it´s online anyways, so why new? :flashlight:

Probs because the other one is buried somewhere.

I don’t have access, but reading the link, the name looks familiar and it might be that thread.

It’s a game, people post LP songs and the next person has to chose one and it goes on…

Yeah, that’s the one.

Great! Sounds like fun times.

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That was in my plug PL yesterday I think or the day before lol

That parody is just too funny, had to share it here too :stuck_out_tongue:

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The people who made it are actually LP fans that wanted to have a bit of a laugh. They more or less nailed Joe on the turntables :joy:

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if they ever need someone to fill in for Joe, this guy in the video is definitely a good choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s too late! Damn, they had Warren fill in for him in the last tour.

I’m still not sure the exact intention of this battle (how it works, I mean), but if it’s comparing every single song, we could do a poll if someone made a list of every single song

  • In the End
  • Numb
  • Anything else

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They did? I was wondering why Joe was hiding behind them curtains for so long on stage. Now I know! It was Warren, all along! This is such a shock… :scream: