Battle of the Songs: What's Next?!?

So after 7 Leagues
3 Knockout Leagues
2 Champions Leagues
And 1 Champions of Champions League
I am at lost on what to do next for B.O.T.S

So I am turning to you lot, the loyal fans and voters of B.O.T.S for ideas on what to do next!

Let me know you thoughts and let’s come up with a new B.O.T.S


Tag anyone I missed


Possibly: LPU 1 , ADU, 8-15?


I would all your input as well

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I kinda did LPU 1 (Hybrid Theory: EP league)
ADU?!? 8-15?

oops, forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

A Decade Underground , LPU 8 to LPU 15

or a different artist?

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I agree with @the_termin8r , LPU league sounds cool. Like from LPU 2 to LPU 15. Maybe including Collision Course. ( I don’t remember it on BATS), or maybe including some cover songs. Then LP will release a new album, so BATS will go on and on…
I have an idea about live shows, like “Live Around The World” albums

2-7 are mostly live performances though.

Oh I like the ADU idea
Also like the idea of a live B.O.T.S like Live In Texas B.O.T.S and Road To Revolution B.O.T.S


Yup, LPU albums and the live albums sound nice to me :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree with Termin8r too, LP underground would be awesome! Also l like your idea of Live in Texas

Well LPU leagues will not include the live songs though

There is less and less ppl voting, hence it’s dying.

I don’t know recently polls have been peaking again at an avg if 20 votes

But with that being said I have thought about stopping B.O.T.S at the beginning of the new year and letting it rest until the new album comes out

I think that would be a better plan. We’ve had so many recently I’ve forgotten most of them (as was proved when I suggested LPU1 :stuck_out_tongue: ).

@the_termin8r i agree with you and when the next album will be on we would be getting loads of songs which would then be great and exciting to be voting

Maybe it would be a real good idea, to make a SHORT breake, we voted for the champions of champions… this result needs a break to honour it like a week, why not being so cool to vote for the looser of looser song? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

LPU songs would be nice