Battle of the Songs: The Hunting Party League Final Results and Table, Plus Final Twist Revealed

So the league is over and wow, what a fight right to the finish

Let’s start with fixture 9 results

And now the final table

The Championship award: Rebellion (which won on GD (Vote Difference))
The Unbeaten Run Award: Final Masquerade (Winning 7 matches in a row)
Biggest Loser: War (10 Losses)
Biggest Disappointment: This was a tough one but I went with Guilty All The Same, I did expect it to finish in the top half of the table


So I said that THIS twist is epic and a game changer and hope it lives up to the hype

Many times I have told everyone at B.O.T.S that ths top 4 of every league will go through
Although this is true, it is also a lie
Every song that finished 5th and 6th will be given a second chance to progress to the Champions League
With the best 5th place and best 6th place from all the leagues automaticly progessing onto the next stage

There will be a new topic/post with how each leagued faired and which songs have gone through to Champions League and which songs will go into the play-offs to see who will go through

What do you think of my twist?

  • OMG, Epic Twist Man
  • Meh, yeah it’s ok
  • That’s such a lame twist

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Tag anyone I missed

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Through to what?

Not surprised with the songs that are top 1. I was expecting UIG to do way better though, same with GATS since it was the first single and all.


To champions league

Happy Rebellion won :slight_smile:
And I like the final twist, @acemasters! BOTS could go on forever :blush:

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You will be happy to know that once the champions league is done, I will be hosting B.O.T.S: LPU Leagues


That’s great! :smiley:

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Won’t including lower scoring songs make the voting more crowded?

Trust my judgement :slight_smile:
It will work out :smiley:

Pit all 5s & 6s against each other and select top8 from them. Then with a total of 32 songs (4 songs each in 8 groups) go for another BOTS. Bring it down to 16, and finally start knockouts.

But I know you will not take this idea of mine again, so… I will just keep on voting.

You hit the nail on the head
Although not ALL 5th and 6th placs will face off
The best 5th place finisher and the best 6th place finisher automatically go through to champions league
And as you rightfully put with the two that go through in HT:EP League there will be 32 teams
8 groups of 4 where the top 2 from each group will progress onto knockouts
That was the idea before you said anything

But you have hit the nail on the head

That looks like a rock that somebody doodled a face onto :laughing:

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In that case, here’s for better clarity: