Battle of the Songs: Reanimation League Fixture 4

3 matches in, and the top 3 are have won their matches, with Ppr:Kut at the top
Remember that Papercut won B.O.T.S: HTL can it win this as well

Remember to vote on every match or your vote will note count

Match 1

  • Ppr:Kut
  • My<Dsmbr

0 voters

Match 2

  • Plc.4 Mie Hæd
  • Kyur4 Th Ich

0 voters

Match 3

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • By My_Slf

0 voters

Match 4

  • Enth E ND
  • H! Vltg3

0 voters

Match 5

  • Pts.OF.Athrty
  • Frgt/10

0 voters

Match 6

  • 1stp Klosr
  • Wth>You

0 voters

Match 7

  • Krwlng
  • Rnw@y

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 3 Results

Table so far

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The silence is killing me


Is any of you blogging this league

nope me not ( untill we figger it out, but thanx for asking FINALLY sry…me still p,***) until, sorry…

Say sorry for what execttly?!?

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mb for powerabuse yoursides in the Champs-league?! YES still this case…

What exactly is it?

it is you? You remember exactly what I mean…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i meant you against @acemasters

how crass you are @samuel_the_leader

How is it power abuse?
You telling me that you don’t change your mind between two songs you like equally based on your moods!

I will not apologize for changing my mind between two songs based on my mood!

It could of gone either way, would you still be moaning if it was the other way round, I changes from IMR to Faint…
What I do with my vote is down to me
Many people changed their minds throughout B.O.T.S: Champions league

I hoped it would not be this, but I TRY to explain my point of view:

  1. your moaning is just moralic BLAMING :flushed:

  2. YOU CLOSED THE IMR -FAINT thread as the result fits with YOUR oppinion,you call mood

  3. You erased everything with this headlessness!!!

my point
: if I power your leagues with blogs, your leagues have to become less variable ( aka opentime of fixures…)

I had to Google search what crass is.

Yes and you do piss ppl off. :angry:

cause of telling my TRUE oppinion? Am I the better person if I would lie and smile? sure not
My way -limp biscuit
join plug and we figgure it out ( new most beloved word: figgure out…)

I closed it before 10am that day because I had work earlier then usual
It is what it is!

I like Faint
I like IMR

I swapped between the both many times

I am asking would you still be moaning if I changed my mind from IMR to Faint
Or is this just because Faint didn’t win…

This has NOTHING to do with power, my mood went from Faint to IMR, and by the time I closed the vote IRM was still the mood I was in

Like I said MANY people changed their minds and this I know as fact as the votes percentage changed many times on many different matches

But I don’t see you bitching at them

Faint lost that match, there will be a new Champions League anyway

Not asking to like it, but I am not going to say sorry for it

that it is,we agree to differ, but,sry no mo blogs…

Fine by me