Battle of the Songs: One More Light League Round 6


Note: Please do not vote for One More Light just for the sake of voting for it, if you prefer the song it is up against then vote for that song. If you truely prefer One More Light over the song it faces, then by all means vote for it

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Heavy
  • Sharp Edges

0 voters

  • Sorry For Now
  • Invisible

0 voters

  • Halfway Right
  • Battle Symphony

0 voters

  • One More Light
  • Talking To Myself

0 voters

  • Nobody Can Save Me
  • Good Goodbye

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Round 5 Results

Table so far

It’s Ready


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The first to vote for Heavy, it figures.


Heavy is falling down the league and after such a strong start

Really hard and tough round! :disappointed:

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I agree! It was most difficult one!

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Most difficult round yet and most divided one it seems


OML vs Talking to Myself :sweat:

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Sorry For Now is heading towards its first victory
If it wins and the other 3 in the bottom 4 lose, all 4 will have only 1 victory each

I agree with the rest of the guys, this one made me think my vote, just in OML vs TTM was easy.

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Polls close tonight

Round 7 to go up tonight ir tomorrow morning (BST)