Battle of the Songs: Living Things League Final Results, Table and Awards

And now it’s done here is the final fixtures result

Followed by the final table

Time for the awards
The Unbeaten Award: Lost In The Echo (11wins)
Biggest Flop: Lies, Greed, Misery
Best Come Back: Powerless (even though it didn’t make top 4)
Biggest Loser: Tinfoil

Come back in a few hours
The Hunting Party League - Fixture 1 will be starting
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Some feedback on how I am doing please :laughing:

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Not surprised at all about LITE, IBG was the surprise for me, I thought it’d be top 2.

LITE is the 2nd song to become Champion while winning every match
Numb being the 1st
LITE is also the 4th Unbeaten Champion in a row
Hybrid Theory’s Leagues Champion, ITE, was the only Champion to have lost a match
LITE also the only song in ALL the leagues to have over +150 GD (Vote Difference) making it the moste voted song so far

I mainly agree with the bottom 3 positions, with the rest not so much :joy:

think “victimize” is underrated…live/show versions …would have been voted better, this is a pure powerfull livesong imo. [Found ya announcemet yet in the other thread , the last fixure, right now I think I´ll do a linked twitter-blogpost…sth kinda this, :thinking:
"Soldiers supposed to do her duty this ev! " lol

I expected Powerless to do way better.

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So did I actually
So did I

But it came back strong after losing like 4 out 5 it came out swinging

Let me add that BID, being the single and all that, would be expected to do better too.


I mainly agree with the table. Only STB could do way better

Now, I´m curious how the THP-Battles will end :scream: There´ll be defenetly some killing decisions

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Tinfoil didn’t get a single point! Lost in the Echo has always been my favourite song on the album. I thought castle of glass would come second though

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I really like this TOP 4 :slight_smile:
And you’re doing a great job, @acemasters! :smiley:

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Exactly what I thought. BID could have done better.
At the same time, I am sad for Until it’s Gone at #10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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