Battle of the Songs: Live In Texas Final Results, Table, Awards and what is next!


So after a long LONG period, LiT league is finally over
Before I get into anything lets have a look at the final results


And the final table looks like this

Now lets go over the awards:
Biggest Winner: A Place For My Head (16 wins unbeaten)
Biggest Loser: P5hng Me A*wy (1 win, 15 losses)
Biggest Disappointment: This was a hard one, it’s either In The End or Numb as I saw either or both in the top 4
Biggest Shock: Again another hard one between From The Inside for getting top 4, or Figure.09 for getting as high as it did, despite how underated the song is
Championship Award: A Place For My Head

So there you have APFMH a WORTHY winner, the only song to conceed less then 100 votes against it and the only song to reach over 200 votes for it, it is clear that APFMH is a heavy hitter on LiT

So what is next, well officially B.O.T.S won’t return until after the new year where I will be putting other live albums up and a B.O.T.S: Champions League Live Edition

But that’s not all, I am going to treat you lovely B.O.T
S fans to something very special
For those who don’t know many years ago I started B.O.T.S on a OLD OLD forum and I will bring it here for a special
B.O.T.S: Hybrid Theory vs Meteora

I will relaunch what started it all many moons ago!

More details on that to follow in due course

It’s Ready

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List 2


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Read 1st post

List 3

@gene69 (your votes did not count as you failed to vote on ALL the matches)

This is going to be awesome


One Step Closer vs Faint
(These are the two shortest songs on the albums)

In The End vs Somewhere I Belong
(They both follow a similar flow, begins with Chester and Mike Raps to the Chorus Chester takes over etc etc)

Session vs A Cure For The Itch
(Both Instrumentals)

Numb vs Crawling
(Both intros have similarities and is led by Chester with Mike popping up for a line or 2)

Lying From You vs With You
(One is From You one is With You haha)

By Myself vs Figure.09
(Both have the Chester Scream with Mike Rapping at the Bridge part)

Papercut vs Breaking The Habit
(One is about Paranoia and one is about breaking the habit of drugs/alcohol which can cause Paranoia)

Easier To Run vs Runaway
(Surely you can figure it out hehe)

Pushing Me Away vs Don’t Stay
(I don’t remember how I came up with this match up to be fair)

Hit The Floor vs Place For My Head (Rap Mains)
From The Inside vs Points of Authority (Mixture)
Nobody’s Listening vs Forgotten (Rap Mains)
(These were the three that I couldn’t match up so randomly placed them as such


Really tough to choose from!

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Just edited as I had PMA twice lol

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Dead easy. Maybe something is wrong with me. :joy:


Not really, at least not on this, lmao. Its usually pretty easy for me to decide between the songs as well.

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I guess I’m just decisive.

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Looking forward!!!

Thank you again for the LiT BTOS @acemasters, it was truly my favourite BTOS as I really love LiT. I always wished I could have been there, a bombastic concert :slight_smile: My first original DVD that I bought back in 2003, I have such good memories on it :slight_smile:

Both are really good on LiT. Actually I thought Figure.09 would be much higer :slight_smile: FTI deserved it’s place well :slight_smile:

It’s truly electric on LiT, I don’t wonder at all :slight_smile: Along with One Step Closer - again, the work with the crowd is amazing :slight_smile:

I also thought Somewhere I Belong, With You and Lying from You would be higher. And P5hng Me Awy was the biggest shock for me. But now that I think of it, I think I too have forgotten how good it was on LiT. If I should vote again, I would vote for it more often :slight_smile:

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@mish3lka i remember buying it the day i went to my first LP concert in 2003 but listened to it AFTER the concert lol

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