Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied League Fixture 9

The League is taking shape, hitting the half way point
Remember The Name is holding strong being the only unbeaten song so far, winning 8 for 8
But Red To Black is hot on it’s tail in 2nd only 3 points between them

Remember to vote on every match or your vote will not count

Match 1

  • Believe Me
  • Cigarettes

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Match 2

  • Feel Like Home
  • Get Me Gone

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Match 3

  • Where’d You Go
  • Slip Out The Back

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Match 4

  • Remember The Name
  • Be Somebody

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Match 5

  • Back Home
  • Right Now

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Match 6

  • Red To Black
  • In Stereo

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Match 7

  • Kenji
  • The Hard Way

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Match 8

  • High Road
  • There They Go

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Match 9

  • The Battle
  • Petrified

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 8 Results

Table so far

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Well, someone didn’t vote on the last one.

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How ironic :laughing:

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What you talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re the one who hadn’t voted.

Kenji vs The Hard Way was the toughest one.

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That went over your head…

Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in text :confused: I suspected it but wasn’t sure.

I don’t like the new voting format of circle and dot.

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What’s irritating is that the result bars don’t correspond to the option you clicked because they get arranged in descending order in terms of vote %.

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Yup it doesn’t.

I don’t like it much either

Did you change it to this?


I’'m using the same format I used from the beginning

Probably not, it most likely a forum update from the provider.

Yup, why fix something that ain’t broken?

I agree
guess we stuck with if

Just voted…:joy::joy:

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Would be cool if the boys at Linkin Park took part eh? Haha