Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied League Fixture 6

Match 1

  • Believe Me
  • Be Somebody

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Match 2

  • Slip Out The Back
  • Right Now

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Match 3

  • Get Me Gone
  • In Stereo

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Note: The High Road IS The Hard Way
Match 4

  • Cigarettes
  • The High Road

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Note: The High Road IS The Hard Way

Match 5

  • Feel Like Home
  • There They Go

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Match 6

  • Where’d You Go
  • Petrified

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Match 7

  • Remember The Name
  • The Battle

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Match 8

  • Back Home
  • High Road

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Match 9

  • Red To Black
  • Kenji

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 5 Results

Table so far

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How many fixtures are left in this league?

This is 6
There is a total of 17 fixtures

Eleven I believe

I assume that Cigarettes is going against The Hard Way and not High Road?

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I was wondering where the hard way went.

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Yes it is
My bad again…

You need to vote on the last match please

I have already. It always takes a while for votes to show up.

Let you off @EvoOba

I’m rolling solo for Petrified :stuck_out_tongue: \m/

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I MIGHT join you
It was a hard choice for me

I’m holding out for RTB to climb

Oops haven’t voted yet.