Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied League Fixture 3

Now even though getting votes/interest in this league I feel that since it has started, I might as well go to the end

I will remind all voters to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH or your vote will not count
With that being said @OlaKr your votes was not counted in fixture 2 as you didn’t comply with the rules (didn’t vote on every match)

Now that is done here is fixture 3

Match 1

  • Believe Me
  • The Hard Way

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Match 2

  • In Stereo
  • There They Go

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Match 3

  • Right Now
  • Petrified

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Match 4

  • Be Somebody
  • The Battle

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Match 5

  • Slip Out The Back
  • High Road

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Match 6

  • Get Me Gone
  • Kenji

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Match 7

  • Cigarettes
  • Red To Black

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Match 8

  • Feel Like Home
  • Back Home

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Match 9

  • Where’d You Go
  • Remember The Name

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 2 results

Table so far

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Cigarettes and Red to Black was a tough one! I switched sides like 3 times!

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Match 3 was savage


Cigarettes vs RTB and WYG vs RTN were tough.


WYG vs RTN realy hard to decide

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WYG vs RTN is the toughest one in the whole league)

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Oops haven’t voted yet.

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Wonder if it will be stuck like this tomorrow :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Good morning world
Happy voting


very difficult round. Luckily the winner won’t be as predictable as LP’s league winner


Whoo might get 15 votes :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

My guess is that RTN will come up top though I’m rooting for Right now, Petrified and Slip out the back

I think Kenji will top this with RTN in 2nd, WYG 3rd and I am backing RTB for 4th place

Guess we are done