Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied League Fixture 1

Guess what’s back? Back again
B.O.T.S is back, tell a friend!

YES!!! That is right people B.O.T.S wasn’t ever going to be gone long and the new plan is set in motion with this
Fort Minor - The Rising Tied League
This will only feature songs that appear on The Rising Tied Album (including the bonus tracks)
However, the opening track Introduction has been axed to have an even amount of songs

NOTE: I am now implementing the voting system where I can see who votes for what
If you do NOT vote on every match, your vote will NOT count
My ruling is final

Without further ado here it is Fixture 1

Match 1

  • Believe Me
  • Petrified

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Match 2

  • There They Go
  • The Battle

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Match 3

  • The Hard Way
  • High Road

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Match 4

  • In Stereo
  • Kenji

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Match 5

  • Right Now
  • Red To Black

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Match 6

  • Be Somebody
  • Back Home

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Match 7

  • Slip Out The Back
  • Remember The Name

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Match 8

  • Get Me Gone
  • Where’d You Go

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Match 9

  • Cigarettes
  • Feel Like Home

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Tag anyone I missed


In Stereo vs Kenji. I hope, that Kenji will make it)

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I agree, In Stereo vs Kenji was tough. So was Remember the Name and Slip out the Back

RTN v SOTB is IMR v Faint all over again where I am going to chop and change my mind

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WYG is the POA of FM. I’ve heard way to many versions of it and I’m fed up to the point where I don’t even like it anymore.

How many different versions are there?

The album version
The Joe Hahn version (Where’d you joe?)
The live vesion
The live version feat. Chester

Did I miss any?

There’s like 3 other remixes as well. From Militia

have you voted on here yet

The only Where’d You Go remix that I think is any good is the Styles of Beyond one

Joe and Brad’s aren’t terrible, but they aren’t super amazing

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Voting seems to be stuck at 12

If voted stay at 12 i will close the poll

@The_early_walker hasn’t even voted yet.

and won´t …:stuck_out_tongue:

Why not???

no comment [ you can even suggest, can´t ya?] :stuck_out_tongue: [kinda evil post this one above, btw ot, and doubble ot where is the “person above me” threat is gone to?

Sorry for being late. Easier than I thought . Only tough one for me RN vs RTB

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would you like to take up blogging duties for this league since @The_early_walker isn’t voting

Yes I can set the blogpost. Is this fixture still open?

Closing it now @Susannchen
but would you do the honours for the rest of this B.O.T.S?

I´ll try my best!

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