Battle of the Songs: Chester Special Round 7


We are getting to the final stages
The top 2 are equal on points and 3rd and 4th also equal on points this can still swing either way

This B.O.T.S this won’t focus on a song as a whole, but on certain moments of the song, more precise moments that Chester was singing

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • NO! HEAR ME OUT NOW section in Faint

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  • COME ON! in Wth>You
  • Numb chorus

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  • 18 seconds scream in Given Up
  • You, tried to take the best of me. GO AWAY!

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  • Chesters sootheness in My December
  • Beginning of Keys to the Kingdom

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  • Chesters rap in Sorry for Now
  • I DO! scream in One More Light Live

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Round 6 Results

Table for now

It’s Ready


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List 2


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List 3


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Done! Easy round.

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Done, love it!!

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Shut up live vs. faint line … this was so hard :persevere:



You have both missed out votes

Vote on the missing matches or your votes won’t count

I did it…I think!

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You did indeed @21plus34

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Last call @allby2000

Thank you @kiki868 fixing your votes

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Yes! Maybe I’m not as technologically challenged as I thought I was🤷🏼‍♀️


Nice :grin:

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@allby2000 your votes do not count as you failed to vote on each match

Did I get them all?


Any chances for some new battles? :sunglasses:

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@HakManLP this is round 7 which is done
Round 8 is finished and round 9 is up and running

Oh, ok - Didn’t know :rofl: