Battle of the Songs: Chester Special League round 1


Battle of the Songs: One More Light League was a massive hit and I want to say thank you to those that took part

B.O.T.S is back with a completely different take to this game

So for this B.O.T.S this won’t focus on a song as a whole, but on certain moments of the song, more precise moments that Chester was singing

So without though ado here is round one

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Chesters sootheness in My December

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  • I DO “Scream” in One More Light Live
  • You tried to take the best of me, GO AWAY

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  • Come On Scream in WTH>YOU
  • Chesters Rap in Sorry For Now

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  • Beginning Chorus in Keys to the Kingdom
  • NO! HEAR ME OUT NOW section in Faint

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  • Numb Chorus
  • 18 Second Scream in Given Up

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It’s Ready


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This is wonderful! Thanks for making this!

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Great choices boss- good job awesome as always :clap:t2:

Wow, so soon! You are a rocket, @acemasters! :slight_smile: :hugs:

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God! This is so hard!!!

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Why isnt the last part of From the Inside featured here?
I think the only competition OSC will face is Given Up.

As it wasn’t suggested and since I already had 2 from Meteora I didn’t think it would be very fair if another featured

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@theearlywalker I expected better off you

You missed one :grin::grin::grin:


What about the favorite line, but in the end it doesn’t even matter? Personally I’m rooting for the numb chorus and I DO scream from OML on this one.


Nooo- really? :monkey:… fixed crawls into a corner

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I didn’t include In The End chorus on purpose as I felt it was too obvious

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Lol, and numb wasn’t? :sweat_smile:

Not exectly

Numb chorus isn’t as iconic as ITE to be fair

Hey! This was so good. I was very confused unless i didn’t see this about what the polls you were … mainly because of all my fast summarizing and i didn’t read properly.
But this is truly a nice idea! :smiley:

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As soon as Chester’s hysterical screaming starts with KTTK, I get an adreline rush. Every time :joy: One of my favorite Chester moments ever


You asked for suggestions? I missed the topic then. Btw, you know OSC has to win this, right?

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Not before given up does :smirk:

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For me: It’s nothing better than chesters screams :heart::metal:t2:


@amitrish thats my bad didn’t relize you was missing from the tag list