Battle of the Songs: Champions of Champions Match 4

So the table is slowly taking shape with the top 3 winning their first 3 matches, but is that about to change

Only you can decide!

Please remember to vote on every match or your vote/s will not be counted

  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Walking In Circles

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  • Waiting For The End
  • Lost In The Echo

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  • High Voltage
  • Numb

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  • Rebellion
  • In The End

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  • Remember The Name
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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Tag anyone I missed

Match 3 Results

Table so far

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Rebellion vs In The End


Yeah I changed my mind last minute on that one

And WIC vs PMA

Easy one for me :slight_smile:

hi my friend @yomarques, ev well?
until the last match we disagree on all options @acemasters :joy: what a nice league btw…

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Hello, dear! I am doing well, what about you?

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Dang 3 of these matches are so fricking close it’s gonna be down tomorrow to sort this lot out

finally I get to vote on these things lol


Yeh i usually hold these matches for a max of 2 sometimes but very rarely 3 days

This one is pretty slow…


done :slight_smile: not the easiest one

hi darling nice to meet ya :kiss: lol @spellingmistake

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a big bag full of kisses to you too :slight_smile:

bigger one back!

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