Battle of the Songs: Champions of Champions Final Result, Table and Results

So here it is, the final results

This was a awesome league and it came down to the wire with the top 3 finishing on equal amount points
In The End won the Champions of Champions but only by 10 votes

So it is official that In The End is the Ultiment winner
And I agree after winning two champions league and winning this In The End is the song to beat
Once the new album is out for a few months B.O.T.S will return and so will a brand new champions league

And the final Table

Well so it is over, but there is still a few loose ends to tie up before the next journey that is Battle of the Albums

So the awards as always:
The unbeaten award: Numb 7 wins in a row
The biggest loser: High Voltage 9 loses in a row
Biggest Shock: High Voltage, I had high expections for this, but it didn’t even beat Walking In Circles.
The Championship Award: In The End


B.O.T.A will start on Monday



I was rooting for it :confused:

this chart is absolutely ALLRIGHT with me… @acemasters thanx for the upcomming BOTA League :stuck_out_tongue:

I see none supported OSC in my absence.
good job @intheend :stuck_out_tongue:

But OSC wasn’t a league champion lmao

(stuffs a poisonous marshmallow in @amitrish mouth)

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congrats, meme confirmed :cake:

Thanks :3

(goes to hug @theearlywalker…snaps neck)

(le smokes)

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hail in the end

My most favourite song ever! Yeay!