Battle of the Songs: Champions League Third Place Play-Off and Finals

This is it
It all boils down to this
Who will become winner of Champions League and what song will fall short of a top 3 finish
Here is the final two matches

3rd Place Play-Off

  • Papercut
  • In My Remains

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And here is the one you all been waiting

Champions League Final

  • Numb
  • In The End

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Tag anyone I missed


In the End and Numb were tough

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I can see ITE winning thou

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I’m not voting IMR just because it beat Faint :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an unjustified vote
Yes IMR beat Faint, but that’s no reason NOT to vote for it
If Papercut is more your fave then fair enough, but don’t punish because Faint lost

It was a joke :stuck_out_tongue: I voted Papercut because I love the bridge.

I know
The bridge isn’t a valid reason either

Then what is?

Sad Papercut didn’t go through, but it was predictable. Still, tough to choose between Numb and ITE.

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:raised_hands: only Ace Master knew

Voted for IMR and Numb, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.

Also, how come 2/9 at one place 22% while at the other is 23%?

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lol you told me once not to say this again here, rem?! :thinking:

What? That it doesn’t matter? That’s a cliched comment for an equally cliched finale.
I have become so Numb.

That’s what I was wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

I have noticed calculation mistakes a number of times here in the voting, but this is a pretty glaring one.

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It’s because the percentages don’t go into decimals.

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Yes, I agree, it is just not fair, so I´m numb too

That’s why we have the system of rounding off numbers. Also, 2/9 = 22.22… unless you go for ]22.22[ which is not what I think people here are using.
And even that would have made both of 2/9 as 23%.

Looks like ITE is heading for glory
With Numb in 2nd
Papercut 3rd and IMR in 4th

It’s what’s on the other side of the bridge :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: