Battle of the Songs: Champions League Quarter-Finals Take Two

So the last 16 is done and dusted
And now it is time for the Quarter-Finals

Just a bit of trivia for you
Only Two songs that’s not from Hybrid Theory or Meteora have survived this far
But the odds that a HT or M song will win is very high

Quarter Finals

  • A Place For My Head
  • Numb

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  • From The Inside
  • Papercut

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  • Faint
  • In My Remains

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  • In The End
  • The Catalyst

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Tag anyone I missed


No vote tracking?

Something went wrong when trying to use the poll builder so for now this way will do until the new B.O.T.S comes out

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Please re-vote as I had to re do the poll

I think you missed the second to last poll @acemasters :stuck_out_tongue: The irony is funny lol.

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Not decided what song to vote for F vs IMR

Yep I have re-voted :slight_smile:

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I´ve never thought that it will be utterly easy


Come on From the Inside :frowning:

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Who on Earth likes IMR so much?! Of all possible songs how can FAINT be losing to it?!

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I foresee a very cliched BotS final: In The End vs Numb.
That will be tough, but very predictable.

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hi @amitrish my friend
ite definetly
:persevere: how come this…catalyst vs ite [Ace???]
watta f***

i keep chop and changing my mind
depends on my mood when i scroll pass lol
I like both songs just as equally for different reasons

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Buddie @acemasters join the plug

I can assure you before the groups was even made i had the lay out of how each match would lay out
E.g Winner Group A vs Runner-Up Group H
Etc etc etc
The way the matches turned out is as random as it could of been

Although a ITE vs Numb final is very possible

Well it looks like that 3 songs are already through, although we are only 13 votes in, it seems that only one match has a proper battle going on

Prove me wrong and vote

Yes! Faint is putting IMR in it’s place. Like Federer at Wimbledon yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s because I changed my mind again

I don’t know how to choose

It’s gonna boil to H or T and stick to it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I see The catalyst going down :cry:

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