Battle of the Songs: Champions League Play-Off

The Champions League is taking shape nicely

10 songs face off but only 4 Champions League Spots remain

The 5 that wins, the lowest scoring song will fall
If 2 songs have the lowest equal amount of votes
Will face off, etc and so forth

Here it is


  • From The Inside
  • Blackout

0 voters

  • Points Of Authority
  • Bleed It Out

0 voters

  • Keys To The Kingdom
  • Powerless

0 voters

  • Figure.09
  • Wretches And Kings

0 voters

  • I’ll Be Gone
  • Wastelands

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed


Right now I’m confused as to what’s happening (don’t bother trying to explain to me), I’m just voting. I’m assuming at the end of everything one song emerges on top.

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No, no, no

5 songs will win their matches

The song from the 5 songs with the fewest votes will go out
If 2 or more of the songs have an equal amount of low votes will face off

I get that bit. I mean at the very end of your entire BOTS run after every single poll. Will we get one top song?

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There will be an OVERALL Champion at the end of it all

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And I was going to do an losers league but may decide against it
Once this is over I will be working very hard on the next B.O.T.S

As for now it’s going fairly easy, no major doubts but we’ll see :blush:

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If it stays this way
Will be heading to the Champions League

This was actually tough.

Also, I’m not sure why it stopped showing the count for new comments, even though I’m tracking these posts :confused:

Really??? Hmmmm

I think all 5s & 6s should have had been presented here and it would have been interesting to vote for the ones we didnt wish to see in the final 32. So, from those 12 songs you could have got your 8 and HT:EP could have gone with BotS:LPU

Now, I just want FTI to make the cut.

Yes :confused: Hopefully it will work again soon!

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Without EP I would be short a song or two which is why I choose to add it

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… only Figure vs. WAK was easy :unamused:

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I am not questioning your approach, but I am judging you :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s what I am trying to say:

  • You required 32 songs.
  • Top4 from all 6 gave you 24 songs.
  • 5s and 6s from all 6 albums would have accounted for 12 songs. We could have voted for the ones we didn’t wish to see in top32. So in a single vote of with 12 options, you could have got your top8 and added them to the 24 you already had.
  • HT:EP could have gone with LPUs

Nevertheless it’s ok with me.

Polls to close in…4hrs…

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:a bit Flexability (does this word exists? If NOT: Flexibilität in GER ) lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ace? 22 votes are GREAT anyways… Voted! And thanx an honour To ya Game! I always enjoy! :smiley:

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Flexibility exist lol :stuck_out_tongue: