Battle of the Songs: Champions League Group E and F results and tables

Group E Results

Group E Table

Group F Results

Group F Table

Group G and H will happen tomorrow


Tag anyone I missed


Yes! WFTE beat ALITS :slight_smile:

I really don’t get why ALITS is so popular, it’s too long for me.

Another long song is going to appear
Just fair warning


I have to be descriptive

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Not going to say anything else

I actually like the song even though it’s long. I think it sets an interesting atmosphere.

Given Up is out as well.


That group was always going to be hard for Given Up
Going up against Numb and Final Masquerade and Castle Of Glass
It was always going to struggle

Numb was destined to win even before BOTS was envisioned :stuck_out_tongue:

Numb is the one to beat at the moment
It is still unbeaten and has won every match so far

Will the winners of each Champions league clash against each other?

You will have to wait and see

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I’ll take that as a yes. :stuck_out_tongue: A clash of the titans will be something else to watch.

Don’t be so quick to read into it
All I can tell you is that the top two of each group advances
I will let you into a little secret
Meteora WILL have at least one song advance pass the final 16 and onto the Quarter Finals

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