Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Music Videos Semi-Finals

It’s down to the nitty-gritty as now only 4 music videos remain

Will Breaking The Habit break through to the finals and leave Waiting For The End waiting even long?
Can Numb take out From The Inside or be left numb knowing it came close?

As always remember to vote on all matches or your vote will not count
And remember we are voting for our favourite Music Video not our favourite song

With that being said let the battle for the Finals Begin

  • Breaking The Habit
  • Waiting For The End

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  • From The Inside
  • Numb

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It’s Ready



It’s ready

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This is kinda difficult to me because it was hard to choose between these songs. good music they all sounds good oh dear. :confused::sob:

Remember @coolcat96 its not about the song but the music video for the song


@acemasters thank you because I was getting confused. Will I do like the Numb video a lot.

isn’t it funny that three of four songs are from ‘‘Meteora’’? :smiley:


The best MV is SIB for me.

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what song is that

Somewhere I Belong

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This round was tough :sweat_smile: and my favorites didn’t make it…

You need to vote on the first match or your vote will not count

There is a vote though.

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Wasn’t there a second ago lol

I’m confused, what :joy:

I was just looking over the thread a min or 2 before your reply and they were 27/27. Maybe a bug on your end?

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Yeah, i voted anyways but my favorite videos in general didn’t make it to the finals. I seem to have unpopular opinion lol

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Possible @the_termin8r or maybe delayed
But its all sorted

I will close it some point tomorrow and the final will be on monday as Sunday is my sons 5th birthday

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:joy: I knew that lol