Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Fixture 11

Not many fixtures left and the top is tight
Hybrid Theory has got a 3 point lead over Meteora and 6 over The Hunting Party, however both M and THP have a game in hand meaning HT has played one extra game

Now onto the next Fixture

Please remember to vote on all the matches or your votes will not count

  • Fort Minor: The Rising Tied
  • Road To Revolution

0 voters

  • Recharged
  • Live In Texas

0 voters

  • Reanimation
  • A Thousand Suns

0 voters

  • Living Things
  • Meteora

0 voters

  • Hybrid Theory:EP
  • Collision Course

0 voters

  • The Hunting Party
  • Dead By Sunrise: Out of Ashes

0 voters

  • Minutes To Midnight
  • Hybrid Theory

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Table so far

It is ready



It’s ready

These votes are bugging out on me. I voted and it kept saying 2 people even though I was the third. Had to vote, cancel and vote again but it worked.

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this one was kinda easy, I though longer only with LT vs Meteora

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I gave Recharged the benefit of the doubt


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You missed a match HT v MTM

Talking of HT v MTM I stuggled with that one and could end up changing my vote back and forth :disappointed_relieved:

@the_termin8r yeah i struggle to vote i have to double click the vote for it to count


You didn’t vote on match Live In Texas vs Recharged

Don’t forget to vote

I dont really like live albums :slight_smile:

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Me neither but Recharged is the devil’s spawn :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t like live albums that much either. I’d rather go watch the band live, and when I’m at home listen to the studio versions. Makes seeing a band live more special, because they sound different, and the audience adds to the fun because you know you’re with people who care as much about the band as you do.


I only like Road To Revolution because I was there haha

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@ines_chenne a reminder that you haven’t voted on all the matches
You must vote on Live In Texas vs Recharged please

Polls will be open for another 24hrs

I’m sorry !!!

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It’s all gravy @ines_chenne
Just don’t want your votes to go to waste
Especially since you are a loyal voter :slight_smile:

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Thank you @acemasters :slight_smile:
I have to pay more attention to my votes :expressionless:

Nah, if you miss any i will remind you :slight_smile:

Thank you :relieved:

Polls will close today…at ANY point so if you haven’t voted do it now