Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Albums Final Table, Review, Awards and What is next for B.O.T.S

So it is over, so let’s jump into it and start with the final table

So my review of B.O.T.S:B.O.T.A
So it was a close battle right up until the 2nd to last, but I guess we all predicted which album would come top and which would come last
Over all it was fun to see these all go toe to toe

Right time for awards

The Unbeaten Award: Hybrid Theory (13 wins)
The Biggest Loser Award: Recharged (13 loses)
The Biggest Shock Award: Recharged, because I expect this album to get zero votes, but it actually recieved some votes
The Biggest Disappointment Award: This was a hard one, but I think for me it is gonna be Reanimation and the reason is I expect it to finish 7th at least

Last but not least, what’s next for B.O.T.S
Well I was think a B.O.T.S: Battle of the Music Video?!?

What do you think?!?



Check the post above


Since you didn’t vote on all the matches your votes for the final fixture did not count

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i was hoping, that ATS and THP would win more…



But then if you think about it THP only lost 2 matches and that was against Meteora and Hybrid Theory

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I love the new idea :slight_smile:

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Very nice idea!

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Maybe we can do a BOTS of LPU 8-16?


I did concider LPU albums next

Maybe after B.O.T.M.V
And that one will be elimination type of league
Or maybe a random generated knockout tournament

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I really like your battles, thanks for making these all the time!

Video battles is a good idea I think

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I think music videos is a great idea!

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I should be thanking all of you
Without all of you none of this would be happening

I will put up details of B.O.T.M.V in due course


Im surprised than M2M got that high.

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Battle of the videos would be great, I like this idea :smiley:

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