Bands of your country

This topic is intended for posting bands that are known in your country or region, but does not have international relevance. The aim is to share music.
It can be any musical style.


Lo&leduc is a very popular rap duo… here in Switzerland :smiley:
They are rapping on swiss-german…
And they won several awards in switerzland…

i’m not listening often to them…
But the cool thing is that Leduc (the guy with the Blackhair) was my music teacher for 2 years :grin:
that was a funny time with him :smile:

First of all: I love this thread!!! Thanks for opening! :blush: :musical_note: :earth_africa:

This song is currently very popular in Germany :de: . It is about being patient and giving love time to grow: Better be on ‘cloud four’ and stay there instead of rushing to cloud nine and fall down.

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I’m too embarrassed about Belgian music that I’m not gonna share anything here. :relaxed:

C’mon… all countrys have good bands. Just share a song you like. Language doesn’t matter :kissing:

It’s definitely a thread to me!
I want to recommend one band to all of you. I’m from Poland, so it’s Polish band of course. They’re called Phedora and their genre is alternative rock with some progressive parts.
Their newest song:

Their more progressive song:

And they did some covers… They covered “Hallelujah”, “Here With Me”, “The Last Goodbye” from Hobbit and “Love Me Like You Do”.
It’s my favorite cover:

I hope you’ll enjoy them :slight_smile:

Haha none of them I like.

They are FINAL SURRENDER :sunglasses: one of my favourites from my country,India

@xTirea Cool, they are not bad!

@Kui_Zimik I would never expected, that this band is from India :blush:. But they are too rough for me.

because they are heavy metal :laughing: well…there are many good musicians,India is ranked 2nd on reverbnation. :sunglasses:

I would never call them “heavy metal”. Something, but not heavy metal.
For me this band from India is like every other metalcore/whatever band. Nothing special. Anyway, they’re funny :smiley:

very funny :laughing: :sweat_smile:

I know a metal band called XECTOR from India and I like their music. Just check them below…


Great Sorrow

Hope you guys like it :wink:

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Soothing music. I like it. Geiles lied :wink:

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Hey :smiley:
These guys are called Tankcsapda, they are probably the best rock band in Hungary:
Hope you enjoy their music :smiley:

For some of you who just wanna chill out, here is an other Hungarian band, called Punnany Massif, they play kind of pop music: