Backstage / Side Stage + Meet & Greet Package

The only difference between the two packages,

  • Backstage Tour
  • View from the side stage for 4 songs
    and that makes $ 75 difference ?!
    Does anyone have experience why the backstage tour is more expensive? Is the tour with LP?
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On Backstage u can meet LP and if i good know u can go onto their rooms.

the pakages should never be up for sale like this we should all have to enter meet & greet just another way for people with plenty of money to buy there way in to meet and greet and when uk packages here up to buy there was no way I would ever pay $600 dollars for package your talking about for your country

$600 dollars for that package in the uk when did the hunting party tour come on how many people can blow that sort of money not many I bet

Oh god, so many so diverse information, so what is the better opportunity, backstage or sidestage,not in order to the costs but in order to the experience???

no cant go in to there rooms it is just a back stage pass nothing more so not much difference from meet & greet but your paying $600 for it

all down to WMG making money

I have purchased and been to a M&G and “side stage”
I have never seen, for purchase, a backstage package. For the side stage, you are on the stage, usually on the side and higher up, for 3 songs. We didn’t come close to or meet the band members.

ok, but it must be a great experience to be on stage with them? ! When was the meet &greet then? How big was your group? pl answer @Big_Lou :smiley:

It was defin a great experience and I’d do it again (in fact, i purchased the same type of package for THP tour but was cancelled). The side stage group was only 6 of us I believe. Maybe even 4, I forget. But it was small. And then we had a chaperone who was the guy that managed the whole VIP area. I forget his name but real nice guy
I know some may say these packages should never be up for sale but to me, paying $450 per ticket for VIP, M&G, side stage, and seat tickets is a bargain. If i had been part of the lottery I woulda never been able to do this

this was part of my side stage view. they have a net around you too

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Great, dude! :wink: