Awesome Band->Emil Bulls!

Who else is listening to emil bulls? I love them, awesome band :smiley:

i saw the band on the tv- magazine GALILEO ;D i think, they are a very cool band but im not that much interested in their music…

yeah, i like them ! the singer and the guitarist were good friends of my brother some time ago before they got that famous :slight_smile:

I’ve browsed the internet and came across coincidentally to the Emil Bulls. I liked them immediately! They have a great mix of shouting and melody. I bought the new album Oceanic and The Black Path. Both are really great!

Yeah they are totally underrated in my opinion, gonna see them again live this month in stuttgart :smiley: Live they will blow you away, just LP is even “more mindblowing” live :stuck_out_tongue:

i know them because of amazon. there was a free download of between the devil and the deep blue sea and it was so mindblowing… but i also love this kind of music.
i wanted to see them at serengeti but my mum and my dad don’t like this kind of music and i’m not 18. so i had to stay at home…
i just love them and when i saw the singer for the first time i was like "no, never can this guy sing like THAT!"