Auto-renew problem, help pls

Hi guys. I have a money problem right now so I can’t afford to pay for this year’s membership. I can’t find the way to turn out the auto-renew thing, I just don’t find it anyway on my profile

Do you know what can I do? I really need help.

@jFar920 can you please give a look here?

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Yeah please :sob:

I trying to leave us -.-

Who? Jordan?

@Derek? Can you come please?

stand by, finding solution.


No I was talking to the girl. I didn’t even bring up Jordy

Ah, I didn’t know how to interpret that “I” :joy: sorry

From Ana

We are working on getting that up and running. Should hopefully be available soon.



For your situation, I’d email


Just to add some possible reassurance (don’t take this as fact though), since they transferred platforms and have a different company providing the website now, I doubt they transferred over credit card information, especially since even passwords were reset

I just got this email (I’m guessing everyone did), figured it belongs here in case someone didn’t get it.


Is that Important? I didn’t do it yet…
Is it just for the membership thing?


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