Atlanta tickets?

Anyone who ordered their tickets through LPU preorder receive theirs yet? Getting close, about to hop on a plane in 2 days to head up there from Miami.

you really need to call grountctrl tomorrow, or when you land on Friday to let them know you need your tickets picked up at the venue.

Don’t feel bad I am having the same issues. According to Groundctrl the Promoter sent out the tickets late, and GC didn’t get them in a timely manner from what I was told.

Please call Groundctrl’s number at - 877-463-2875 Their hours of operation is from 9 - 5 PST. EST time call at 12 PM.

What’s most probably going to happen is you will have to do a pickup. Just keep calling them for updates!

mine are supposed to be here friday, and leaving saturday driving from West Palm Beach

Like I said if you don’t get your tickets on Friday call GC immediately. I have listed the number.

Thanks Im gonna give them a call


ok Mine just came in today, so you’ll get yours soon; so call GC anyways though :).

Got em today!

How do I sell off my extra ticket? My friend couldn’t make it at the last minute and I’m stuck with an extra ticket!

yeah i know mine is next tues and i dont have yet,wtf???