Art Therapy

Roads Untraveled is one of the only songs that have compelled me to create something… If that makes any sense at all, LOL!

I had a hard time though trying to get the right kind of feeling though. My sketches got the body language right but not the pull that I was hoping for. That is until July 1. The events of that day gave me what was missing to make the drawing a convincing one.

This ended up being more of a work of therapy than art, working on this as needed throughout 4 days, pouring thoughts into this so that I may keep composed and strong for my family.

Woah ! you are one of great people i saw in digital art painting [eek] !
well i feel it represent the last verse where chester says there is place along side me, so sad & full of emotions!
i do love the full art in general, if i had your skills in drawing i could invaded the Earth [twisted] !
GREAT work.

That’s so beautiful! I can really feel the sadness and the consolation hug.
Really awesome.