Art and Mods

All sorts of artisty things I’ve done. xD; ART DUMP GO

I bought the mask base from missmonster, and then I painted it myself, at stupid o’clock.

I did this back in 2009, as a part of an assignment at school. You were supposed to take a famous painting (I did Mike’s Rising Tied) and ass in our school’s mascot, a bull.
Mike’s style is damn hard, man. B|

Some creaturey things I draw for handdrawn adoptable on the site Ponyisland called Paradisiacs.

Commissions of a reindeer pony and a purr pony for two different users on Ponyisland.

Fanart of the EDM artist Skrillex. Was playing with poses and perspective.

More fanart! Skrillex, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and then some random shark monstery anthro at the bottom.

WIP of my “Lost Girl”, a part of the Skrillex fandom. In the song Bangarang, Sirah sais “Shout out to all my lost boys” so the fangirls of Skrillex set up a group of “Lost Girls”, and got one of Skrillex’s friends, Penny, to help keep the whole group together and etc. FUN.

Oceanic white tip shark anthro character reference.

Quick sketches of my friend and I for some practice. :3

Aaand I’ll add more as I add some more~

the drawing with the pencil are my favorite, you have a good talent !!
Keep it up, for sure one day you’ll be someone great :slight_smile: , actually i sucks in using the pencil.

Hehe, thank you! Yeah, I think I’ve got most talent in pencils since… it IS what I work with most. Thank you so much for your kind words. :3

wow! i really like youre work very cool epecially the mask =]

Thanks! I worked two or three nights on it, I think I was going loopy from paint fumes by the end. xD Worth it though. Wear it when I go walking around a few blocks… kids are like “wtf did you see that person in the mask?” at school. B)

pretty cool :3

My tumblrmon. C:

that mask is pretty cool :smiley:

Well, these two are sort of edits. They are side by side with the sketch of the edit over the original.

This was a commission! :smiley:

quick shark because SHARK WEEEEEK

Quick sketch for an old teacher

Figuring out a zombie dragon character.

la dee da trying to figure out anything

Hey look, I’m from Animal Crossing!