Did anyone see this on twitter?
Disturbed premieres powerful new video for #AReasonToFight, raising awareness of mental health & addiction.
“We keep losing soldiers & I am tired of losing so many people I care so deeply about. I miss Chester, Scott, Chris, Keith.” David Draiman Disturbed

A tool was made to change your profile picture, so you can show others that they’re not alone in the fight against addiction or depression:
Disturbed, A Reason To Fight

Also, later today, there’s this


I saw it earlier today on Facebook. I sobbed while watching it. So authentic, transparent, and open. Kudos to these guys, Disturbed, for supporting, and loving, and sharing. Their passion for truth shines through, and I love them for it. Bravo!!
PS…I am a 66 yr old gramma. And I am so proud of today’s youth. They will make this world a better place, picking up the baton that we started carrying in the 1960’s. :heart::heart::heart::