Anyone want to swap pit tickets from the show on the 10th (Chula Vista) to the show on the 8th in LA?

I have (2) tickets in hand and my wife and I had child care lined up and it fell through.
We were wondering if anyone wanted to swap GA (not lawn) tickets from the Chula Vista show to the Home Depot show? I realize it’s a long shot and if we can’t swap we’ll be selling them.


Awww Jared, sorry your sitter fell through! You & Danielle were missed at the summit!!

I wish I could buy your chula vista tickets but I leave Sunday!! Chula vista tickets sold out pretty fast so I doubt you’ll have a problem selling them… A switch? Not sure hehe! If everyone is as hardcore as me, they will be at both Carson & chula vista! Carson will be my 7th show (4th Honda civic stop) since may & I’m addicted! I’d buy your tickets if I could change my American airlines flight but I didn’t fly southwest like I usually do… =o(

Hope to see you & Danielle at Carson!


Thanks Irene, we actually worked it our and can now go to Chula Vista. Too bad you couldn’t make it to Chula Vista we could all hang out again. Have fun at the Carson show!